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SMT LED lamp bead and into the difference between the LED lamp bead

by:Tranch      2020-07-14
and patch which good? To this question actually, can from led lights and led strips structure analysis, power and USES, so you can draw the most objective comparison: the difference between the and patch? Which one is better? First LED lamp bead is a general designation. According to the power size: can be divided into low power, high power, Industry in general to 0. More than 5 w light called high-power lamp) According to the contour points: can be divided into direct plug-in and patch type into type , is just like a hat plug-in lamp bead, SMD type , light bead is flat patch type, upright and patch difference is as follows: in the case of the same light emitting chip, two is nothing, just process difference: upright USES is DIP plug-in technology, and the patch is SMD SMT process, and the grade higher. Straight insert with power are larger, and the led strips are smaller power. Ordinary , solder joint is larger than the patch, and lamp bead Angle can do very little ( Light is focused, shot, but irradiation range is limited, 。 Do bigger Angle and patch, heat dissipation and stability will be better, because there is no light transmittance and low reflective glass and silicone, so luminous flux will be lower. plug-in is mainly used for: Christmas lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lamp, canister light, flashlight, small lamp, etc. Patch is mainly used for: hard and soft article lamp, lamp, fluorescent tubes, corn lamp, desk lamp. Conclusion: both advantages and disadvantages and, in the selection of two different types of lighting products, need according to the requirements: is a function of illumination, or mood lighting, or ordinary lighting. Is not to say which is better, just see more suitable for use in what kind of places.
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