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SMT LED lamp bead advantage to share

by:Tranch      2020-04-14

SMD LED lamp bead in the market at present, was welcomed by many users, we will read some of the advantages of it today.

1。 In terms of volume is small, so generally is encapsulated in epoxy resin, can be used in a variety of light source device.

2。 In colour respect is pure, soft, no glare, so not only for decoration, also used for lighting.

3。 In terms of fever heat is low and high light efficiency, so as the decoration lighting in the fish tank, the growth of convenience of ornamental fish.

4。 In the aspect of energy conservation, due to the high photosynthetic efficiency, low calorific value, make it stand out on energy saving.

5。 In terms of radiation protection, since there is no ultraviolet and infrared light, so there will be no heat and radiation, belongs to the green lighting light source.

that's patch LED diode some advantages, hope can help you to understand it.

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