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SMT LED - - - - - - - Behind the strong performance there is always a mechanical success!

by:Tranch      2020-04-18

SMD LED production without LED SMD machine, LED placement machine really belongs to one of the SMT placement machine, but with the development of LED technology, traditional SMT placement machine cannot satisfy the production requirements of the LED industry, LED placement machine was born at this time.

the LED placement machine is specially designed for LED industry custom-made SMT equipment, used to implement the mass of the LED circuit board assembly. Equipment required accuracy is not high, but faster. LED placement machine by using the theory of guide rail or linear motor control driver head, also equipped with professional proofing viscose suction mouth, so that in the SMT process, just as much as possible in order to eliminate sticky materials, swing materials such as production defects. LED placement machine tank chain requirements are more enough toughness and ductility, so as to ensure its stability and service life.

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