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SMD leds or integrated LED good!

by:Tranch      2020-04-17

is good and integration of good SMD LED has always been a lot of friend in the discussion, in fact, the advantages of LED strips in good light quality, now the LED light source advantages compared with traditional high power point light source is energy-saving, defect is directional light, the surface light source is helpful to better integration, namely high brightness. And integration of generally refer to CHIP on Board, this kind of packaging, is commonly known as cob encapsulation, also is the number of the CHIP directly on the substrate, the encapsulated with silicone, epoxy resin or other material together, yellow phosphor, at present in the main problems of the application of lighting is heat dissipation caused phosphor volatile and lens aging problem. Whether patch or integration, has various advantages and disadvantages, we can choose according to oneself circumstance when the choose and buy, not to have been identified which good has been used.

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