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SMD leds on the LED protection against electric shock!

by:Tranch      2020-04-18

SMD LED you know? But LED lighting products are with the general safety requirements, is refers to the LED lamps and lanterns should be designed and manufactured to make its can work safely during normal use, or the environment does not produce harm to people. LED lamps and lanterns system caused when the LED lamps and lanterns is according to normal use after installation and connection and replacement of LED light source or the electrical components and must be opened the lamps and lanterns, if not unarmed operation, live parts is untouchable. Basic insulation parts cannot be used in not accidental exposure prevention measures of the outer surface of lamps and lanterns.

or should rely on the lacquer layer, enamel, insulating properties of paper and similar materials to provide the required protection against electric shock and short circuit protection. And is equipped with capacitor is greater than zero. 5 the lamps and lanterns of uf capacitor, should be equipped with a discharge device, lamps and lanterns and the rated voltage of the power off after 1 min, on both ends of the capacitor voltage should be not more than 50 v. Provide protection against electric shock housing and other components should have enough mechanical strength, and should be fixed in a reliable way, will not loosen during normal operation. It is best to use test should be to contact every possible touch place, such as applying 10 n force when necessary, with an electrical indicator shows contact with live parts, moving parts, including the chimney, should hand in the most unfavourable position, if moving parts are metal parts, they should not touch the lamp or LED light source of live parts.

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