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SMD LED process which devices need to use?

by:Tranch      2020-04-18

in the LED industry, SMD LED application is more and more widely, many goods generally choose to use SMD leds, SMD type LED can well solve the brightness, the Angle of view, flatness, reliability, consistency, and other issues. So, are we on the LED strips processing, and what equipment to use?

it's processing, that is not necessarily LED placement machine, LED placement machine is specially designed for LED industry custom-made SMT SMT equipment, used to implement the mass of the LED circuit board assembly. And reflow soldering machine, reflow soldering is in surface-mount technology, solder alloy ingot form or bar, after melting remanufacturing forming for tin powder, then add organic materials ( Flux) Allocate become process technology of solder paste, SMD leds is often a reflow soldering is used to carry on the processing of SMT.

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