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Reactive power compensation equipment light coupling application

by:Tranch      2020-07-28
SVC reactive power compensation device SVC reactive power compensation device is static reactive compensation device. Composed with the system in parallel capacitor and various kinds of reactive element and supply or absorb reactive power from system to system, hereinafter referred to as static. The main part of the device has no mechanical moving parts, it can quickly change the output of the reactive power to maintain or control of some parameters on power system. Cast cut capacitor group or reactor is to change the SVC reactive power, the most direct method can use a circuit breaker or thyristor valve. TCR type static repair using reverse parallel thyristor valve and reactor in series, using the phase Angle of the thyristor valve control conduction function, the reactive current of absorbed by reactor is continuity of control. Application scenarios in the application of power system mainly include: (1) system voltage control; (2) improve the static, dynamic and transient stability, so as to improve the ability of transmission system; (3) improve the system of power oscillation and subsynchronous oscillation damping; (4) the balance of the three-phase voltage; (5) reduce the temporary overvoltage; 6 to the high-voltage direct current transmission inverter to provide the required reactive power, voltage control. In large industrial user applications: used for impact load of users, such as rolling mill, mine hoist, electric arc furnaces, electric welding machine, electric locomotive, high-energy accelerator, large frequent start-stop motor, etc. Its purpose is to: (1) compensation load reactive power demand of rapid change, improve the power factor; (2) the stability of busbar voltage, reduce the voltage fluctuation and flicker; (3) the higher harmonic filtering, reduce the injection of harmonic current to the system; (4) to reduce due to unbalanced three-phase load three-phase voltage unbalance degree; (5) improve load working conditions, improve work efficiency, reduce the power consumption.
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