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Purple LED lamp bead take advantage of what are the white LED lamp bead

by:Tranch      2020-06-27

purple leds white LED lamp bead bead get what advantage?

1, high color rendering index. This kind of white LED diode is through the purple LED lamp bead fluorescence body to blue light, blue light is not too high peak intensity. And, still can output wavelength range all light, color rendering index is higher, therefore can achieve ideal white like sunlight. And it's red color rendering index 'R9' is particularly high, the average color rendering index 'Ra' also is as high as 95.

2, high luminous efficiency.

( 1) Purple LED lamp bead chip for the triangle, the shape of the ordinary LED diode chip as the quadrangle, the triangle, by contrast, the LED lamp light bead chip light-emitting layer shot outside the chip efficiency ( The light extraction efficiency) Higher. Because of the purple LED lamp beads, crystal quality and light extraction efficiency is very high, so the light output divided by the input power of the WPE ( 墙- - - - - - Plug-in efficiency, electro-optic conversion efficiency) 'Can reach 84%. And ordinary blue light-emitting diode WPE only 50 ~ 60%.

( 2) Because purple LED lamp beads made of GaN substrate is in cascade GaN GaN substrate type semiconductor made purple LED lamp bead chip, belong to 'GaN on GaN' type LED lamp bead, the crystallization of GaN semiconductor layer class quality is higher, so the purple LED diode high luminous efficiency, fast and efficiency.

( 3) Purple LED lamp bead chip is not easy 'photosynthetic efficiency decline ( 下垂) 'Problem. Photosynthetic efficiency decline is in order to improve the luminous intensity and increase the drive current density, the luminous efficiency caused by the falling phenomenon, is also a big problem in raising their brightness. Type and GaN on GaN crystal quality is higher, compared with the sapphire substrate type products, not easy to happen down lighting problem. Therefore, compared with the sapphire substrate type products, GaN substrate type product can make the current density increase to 5 ~ 10 times.

( 4) Ordinary blue LED light bead chip is fabricated in the sapphire substrate. Because GaN kind of semiconductor and the lattice constant of sapphire is different, so it's easy to have a known as the 'dislocation' of crystal defects. With GaN substrate almost does not exist the difference of the lattice constant, so it is difficult to appear crystal defects. Compared with the sapphire substrate products, dislocation density can be dropped to about 1/1000.

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