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Principle of infrared receiving head

by:Tranch      2020-08-04
We know 1 head of infrared receiving infrared remote control is generally divided into two parts, respectively is the emission and receiving part, and the infrared receiving head belong to receive parts, part of the main components for infrared light-emitting diodes; And accept part of it is the most important part of photosensitive diode. Infrared receiver head is widely used in acoustics, TV, VCR, set-top boxes, electric heaters, electric fan, remote control cars, etc. An infrared receiving head, encapsulation, pin has three pins, respectively is: the VCC power supply, GND power li-ion, OUT output terminal. Encapsulation: patch, plug-in, bridge of the nose, straw hat, cylindrical, half ball, etc. , receiving head pin sequence of different manufacturers and shell shapes. As shown in figure 2, structure and principle of structure has built-in automatic gain amplifier, bandpass filter, demodulator and other circuits, some also contains limiter circuit, comparator and integrator, so a small receiving head is actually a lot of internal integration circuit. People's eyes can see the visible wavelength from long to short, followed by red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, and purple. The red light wavelengths in the range of 0. 62-0. 76μm; Purple light wavelength range of 0. 38 ~ 0. 46μm。 Is shorter than violet light wavelength of light called ultraviolet ray, wavelength than red light has long called infrared light. Infrared remote control is using the wavelength of 0. 76-1. 5 microns between the near infrared to transmit control signals.
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