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Photoelectric switch in the application of induction switch

by:Tranch      2020-08-12
Because of lazy walk, humans invented the automobile as lazy breeze, human invented the electric fan because too lazy to wash the dishes, human invented the dishwasher because too lazy to do laundry, human invented the washing machine because too lazy to open to turn off the lights, induction switch so operation. 。 。 。 。 。 Inductive switch is refers to the human body infrared intelligent induction switch, when people into the induction range, special sensors to detect the change of the human body infrared spectrum, automatically connected to the load, people don't leave the induction range, will continue through to; After the people left, delay the load will be automatically closed. The principle of human body induction switch operation is the lens of the human body infrared induction movement, and then through the probe into the weak electrical signals, weak electrical signals through the control circuit control switch. Therefore, lens induction distance length, length of the probe of the detection range, the quality of the control panel, and determine the stand or fall of a human body induction switch technology. Induction switch advantage: the detection distance, broad scope, strong anti-jamming capability, work the advantages of stable performance.
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