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Pay attention to the problem in SMT LED lamp bead transportation

by:Tranch      2020-04-15

as a fragile product SMT LED lamp bead, in the transport process should pay attention to what problem? And below small make up to look at.

1。 If choose express way to deliver goods, you need to use good antistatic packaging packaging, recycling for good quality carton packaging, so that you can avoid knock against condition during transit.

2。 In transportation, not with other materials piled up together, and don't go bumpy road, because that would lead to patch the status of the LED diode a knock against. Transportation is known to all the carriages are usually made of metal, if it is a knock against, SMD LED diode will appear broken, so at a constant speed to slow in the transportation.

these are for SMT LED diode, transport problems that should be paid attention to.

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