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Patch the difference between the LED lamp bead and straw hat LED lamp bead

by:Tranch      2020-04-16

SMD LED lamp bead and straw hat LED lamp bead difference of the two, you know? And below small make up to look at.

1。 In shape, straw hat LED lamp bead straw hat shape is round, have longer pins, and SMD LED lamp bead mostly rectangular, no pin or only a short pin.

2。 On the light Angle, the Angle of straw hat LED lamp bead are the obvious boundary, and the perspective of SMD LED lights, no obvious boundaries.

3。 In the light is downy, straw hat LED diode light is dazzling, and SMD LED lamp bead is avoid soft.

these are an introduction to the difference of two kinds of LED lamp bead, we clear?

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