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Parsing the LED and the relationship between the static electricity

by:Tranch      2020-07-19
LED inside the p-n junction when applied to electronic products, manufacturing, assembly, screening, testing, packaging, storage and transportation and installation to use, hard to avoid is not affected by electrostatic induction and induced charge generation. If the charge is not timely release, will be in two electrode formed on a higher potential difference, when electrical energy to the LED under limit ( This is the LED anti-static index! ) , the charge will be released in a flash. In a very short moment ( Nanosecond) For the LED chip to discharge between two electrodes, moment between two electrodes ( Minimum resistance, is often around the electrode) Chip internal material such as conductive layer, light-emitting layer to produce local high temperature, the temperature as high as 1400 ℃, the extreme high temperature molten material layer between the two electrodes, fused into a small hole, resulting in leakage, light, dark anomalies. Different enterprises, different technology, different substrate material, different antistatic design and manufacture of the LED chip is different, the current market antistatic height is differ in thousands ways, the sham as the genuine. The antistatic height has nothing to do with the LED encapsulation of LED, depending on the chip itself. Some companies take zener diode to protect, it is a remedial methods used in earlier, now, the LED chip technology continues to advance, this method is gradually weakened cost is high, the operability. Once having dark light such as LED die light leakage accident, often think of is to strengthen their static production workshop management, such as grounding, laid the static radio pad, ion fan, etc. , but this is not a radical way, static electricity is everywhere, can be said to be 'survived first hide the fifteenth. Because the LED anti-static index is low, is similar to a newborn health defects are difficult to effect a radical cure to heal the day after tomorrow. Using antistatic index higher leds ( Chip) , will be able to solve your electrostatic LED lamp quality accidents such as leakage, death, because of the high antistatic leds, it can adapt to various environment, such as LED antistatic above 2000 v, it generally can bear our common environment electrostatic, can reach more than 3000 v LED is in not deliberately strengthen electrostatic control environment, shine forever.
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