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Nots allow to ignore to the few questions LED products!

by:Tranch      2020-07-17
LED lighting products have broad market prospects, especially in the field of lighting. Currently applied in the field of lighting lighting LED products, such as LED guardrail lamp, LED lawn lamp, LED lamp, LED underwater lights, LED buried lights, etc. Although everyone know LED light source has the better energy saving, long life, no radiation, Green light source) Wait for an advantage, but a few key issues related to the LED products also need to pay attention to. : a, use dc constant current power supply LED products to adopt special switching power supply, Constant current source) To power a LED products that others won't affect the use of the product life spans, but the product cost is relatively high. So some manufacturers in order to lower the product cost to use the resistance capacity step-down way to power a LED products, the others will directly affect the service life of LED products. 2, should be anti-static measures LED products of different quality level, in the aspect of antistatic ability is different, so the LED products in the process of production to adopt certain anti-static measures, such as: workbench grounding, wear anti-static clothing, anti-static ring, anti-static gloves, conditional can be installed anti-static ion blower, and at the same time to ensure that the humidity is around 65%, lest produce electrostatic air is too dry, especially green leds, it is relatively more easily damaged by static electricity. Three, temperature can make the LED resistance decreases when the environment temperature, the LED light source internal resistance decreased, selects the constant current source power supply, to ensure the working current of the LED is not affected by ambient temperature. Four, seal application of LED products in outdoor LED products, face the sealing problem of waterproof, moisture-proof, if processes is not good will directly affect the service life of LED products. The traditional method of epoxy resin 'water' to seal the LED products, this kind of method to operate more troublesome, will increase the weight of the product. LED products on the market at present the quality stand or fall of six to one, good quality of LED light source with high brightness, small droop, antistatic ability, long use life spans, but the price is cheaper than your several times. Although some LED lighting project adopted the low-quality low-cost LED light source, won't find any problem at that time, but will soon be 'missing', so the manufacturer and the user not to 'kill' on price. Choose moderate price, good quality of LED light source, to ensure the life of the rope.
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