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Neon so much jiao - - - - - - - High efficiency, low consumption, long life!

by:Tranch      2020-04-29

neon depend on light electrode head in high voltage fields on both ends of the tubes in the inert gas combustion, and it is not like ordinary light source must be tungsten filament burn to heat to glow, caused a lot of energy in the form of heat energy is consumed. Therefore, this means that with the same amount of electricity, neon lamps and lanterns is of higher intensity.

and neon still belongs to the low energy consumption, in this era of technology innovation, the technology level of neon light manufacturing technology and related components page in progress. The application of the new type of electrode, the new electronic transformer, make neon lamp power consumption is greatly reduced, by the lamp power consumption per meter 56 watts to now consumes 12 watts per meter of the tubes.

in addition, the service life of neon than ordinary incandescent lamp life longer, neon in continuous work under the condition of constant electric, lifetime of ten thousand hours, the advantage is that of any other electric light source are difficult to achieve.

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