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Neon bulb - - - - - - - How the difference between induction and leakage?

by:Tranch      2020-05-05

neon bulb - - - - - - - Our daily life, when home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, electric tools appear leakage or induction charged when there will be a & other; Hemp hand & throughout; Feeling, if use test pencil test, they will make neon bulb red pencil. If it's just induction, these home appliance still can continue to use. But if the leakage, so continue to use there will be a great danger, must carry out maintenance and repair. Is that how to distinguish between induction charged or real leakage?

want to distinguish induction electric leakage, we can use a multimeter to measure real machine shell and lines, the insulation resistance between the if when measuring resistance is greater than 1 m, can be thought of as induction charged, when measuring the resistance of thousands or more hours, then can be thought of as leakage, chung will take to repair.

there is a kind of load, is the zero line of the broken machine ( N line) , the breakpoint and shell indirectly into a 220 v / 15 w bulb, after the connection is good, turning on the power supply at this time if the light bulb glow, suggests that machine has occurred leakage phenomenon, if the light bulb light indicates the induction electric machine. This is because the leakage current can be very big, enough to make the lights on, and the induced current is only a few ma, not enough to make the light bulb glow. This kind of method and more accurate to judge!

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