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Many LED lights bead with your choice

by:Tranch      2020-04-18

hello, today small make up to and everybody said the related knowledge of LED diode.

1。 Scaffold material aspects: there are on the market at present the aluminum, brass, copper stent, such as the aluminum bracket is cheaper, and copper stent is more expensive, and the price difference between the two is relatively large.

2。 Chip size aspects: general chip is the size of a mil, if not by high power measuring microscope, it is difficult to distinguish, and the bigger chip its brightness. So we can take advantage of the area to calculate the chip size.

3。 Welding wire material: general chips with stents is to use gold wire for welding to complete electrode connected, alloy wire on the market at present, gold line two kinds, gold line is better than alloy wire.

this is the small make up and and analysis of the LED diode related knowledge, hope to help everyone.

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