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Light when power taoyuan city take the lead in a thorough change LED intelligent lighting lamps!

by:Tranch      2020-08-11
Light new information Taiwan taoyuan city government to promote 2019 change 'taoyuan city comprehensive energy-saving lamps and maintenance plans', light and far eastone for third-party, contracting the project plan will be the end of September 2019 begin to facility in traditional street lamp for replacing project, is expected to be completed by the end of June 2020 comprehensive intelligent street lamp replacement operation, assist in taoyuan city became the first full stage comprehensive green city using LED intelligent lighting equipment. Light electronic Ye Yinfu chairman said the assist taoyuan district swap into light efficiently low-power intelligent street lamp, a total of 75000 light, across the guishan area, taoyuan area, eight DE, waxberry, longtan area, big creek area, and to revive the area a total of seven administrative regions, power saving costs as high as 76 million yuan ( Nt) Above, and lighting to maintain effective rate up to 99. More than 7%, and have a 'remote monitoring' and 'd transport management' function. As a result, the city needed from the change of charge of intelligent street lamp after JieDianFei annual maintenance fees and street lamps, no extra budget can make low carbon green city.
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