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Light vehicle products have been into the European and American markets, the Mini LED Q4

by:Tranch      2020-07-22
Ye Yinfu said that light has been into the European and American area level depot customers, products include headlights, taillights, inside and outside lighting, etc. , will start shipment from the third quarter of this year, estimate vehicle products contribute to light this year will exceed 10% of the total revenue. Light in the second half performance will be better than the first half of this year, growing from automotive, sensors and other markets; Light, moreover, the Mini LED products are, directly or indirectly from the fourth quarter is expected to start mass production, will be used in automotive, mobile phone related products. Light, according to the 2017 global LED industry toward the stable development, but affected by mainland China LED packaging production capacity will, other than the mainland China area manufacturers more than present recession; Due to the mainland government to restart all preferential measures, the mainland manufacturers continue to speed up the expansion pace and rob, low cost, squeezing global LED big profit space. Light consolidated revenue of 73 in 2017. 1. 1 billion yuan, the year minus six. 9%; 16 business interests. 9. 2 billion yuan, the year minus 20. 8%; After-tax profit 12. 0. 4 billion yuan, the year 33. 3%; Eps ( 每股收益) 2. 74 yuan. Looking ahead to 2018, light, said will actively adjust the operating direction, in addition to the current product development focus on the Mini LED, automotive and niche products such as not visible light, as the LED application level gradually widely, wisdom city, smart cars, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and wear device rise, demand for the LED also rises sharply. Light, points out that the 2017 car LED output for 28. 1. 7 billion dollars ( About 18. 1 billion yuan) And forecast growth of 12 2018. 45%, among which the strongest growth in car lighting, mainly for the high power LED technology, makes the car LED lighting gradually shift from high order models to order models. Miaoli causeway new factory built in 2015, make people for the wisdom of the concept of engineering plant, the main production of automotive components and lamps and lanterns, have complete automotive products; Light product development trends, and actively transferred to the outside, application development, and focus on technology level higher day line lights, headlights market.
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