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Light-emitting diodes (leds) electrostatic protective measures

by:Tranch      2020-05-09

LED light-emitting diodes (leds) is a kind of conductor, device for static sensitive, so we want to do a good job of electrostatic prevention. Here we will tell in LED light-emitting diodes in the manufacturing process, operators have to do electrostatic protection and elimination measures.

1。 In laying anti-static flooring manufacturing workshop, and disposal of the earth.

2。 Using esd workstation, the machine has good grounding effect.

3。 Operators need to wear anti-static clothing, anti-static bracelet.

4。 LED light-emitting diode manufacturing, need to use ion fan.

5。 When welding soldering iron to grounding measures.

6。 LED light-emitting diode packaging with antistatic material.

7。 Manufacturing process, cannot to contact lens or external force, so as not to cause bad effect to the product.

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