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LED solid crystal silver glue use guidelines

by:Tranch      2020-08-03
As is known to all, because when single electrode chip packaging requirement for solid crystal is extremely high, so the application of the solid crystal process in boc glue is very strict, although in the production process is not to find out what problem, but to the user in use process will appear dead lights and other anomalies. So, solid crystal silver glue performance will directly affect the performance of LED products, cannot ignore. Because there is no more formal stated in the use of solid silver crystal glue information, only from the experience to summarize below, only supplies the reference: one, in the transport process of silver sol preservation, to use a lot of dry ice to silver plastic package. Second, even if the weather is colder will just received silver glue, turn into -- immediately The freezer to save 40 degrees. Three, silver glue thaw in 1 - use time 3 hours, According to the different silver glue to decide) 。 About 2 to 4, in use process Three hours to add a moderate amount of silver glue, solid crystal machine tin drum above silver glue suggested to be cleaned once every 12 hours. Five, when silver glue wiredrawing phenomenon, no matter how long use to replace. After six, some silver glue should be solid crystal in 2 minutes. Seven, stop the solid crystal, make sure the tin drum has been turning. If the loaded silver plastic tin drum stop in the more than 30 minutes, suggest clean plastic drum and replace silver glue. After eight, solid crystal material as far as possible in one hour into the baking, the longest must not exceed 2 hours. East margin small make up recommend often materials: 19 - 217/BHC- ZL1M2RY / 3 t27 - 21/GHC- YR1S2M/3C17- 21 surc / S530 - A2 / TR8IR12 - 21C/TR8
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