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LED lights, and the difference of OLED and LCD

by:Tranch      2020-06-30

now LED lights, illuminated LCD TV set is distance, LCD flash) By fire cloth around the screen many LED diode light by independent wires to the center of the screen. It makes the screen thinner, but also brought together a nasty problem visual Angle. On the contrary, OLED ( Organic light-emitting flash) Screen is by an electric current expired to organic materials. Because in addition to the backlight, and the function of the OLED screen is more superior than other game products. The interests of the OLED OLED TV can supply higher density figure s and clearer image, this means the OLED screen can shape flash 3 d image and sacrifice not like most other TV image resolution. Appreciate the natural scenery in OLED TV video like near the window and view, rather than watching a light box. Haven't talked about color. OLED flash device can be artificially created all the colors of nature. See the LCD hotaru secretly see OLED screens, it feels like dorothy in the wizard of oz first opened the door to wonderland. OLED screen contrast is almost unlimited, so after watching blu-ray disc colour screens do not appear, when 'the dark knight' gives perhaps black spots. OLED has overcome the problem of dynamic confused, usually seen on the LCD device when the screen characters quickly flash expired appear boring, scary ghost. These interests alone is enough to make the OLED screen become the first flash of the game. OLED screen not only make the TV has become more light and more thin, it can also free bending. Now I haven't seen any has a function of the big screen, but trust in the near future to TV hangs down from the ceiling. The disadvantage is that? OLED TV manufacturers offer had not yet been able to imagine it will be about two times the price of LCD HDTVS. And their availability is about ten years later you have to consider replacing, blue OLED only 14000 hours of taking ( Eight hours a day, 5 years) can be applied to 。 Can not in outdoor or light strong use the TV room, because too much light will cover a television picture may fade. Also, long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays would result in substantial damage to organic figure yuan, constitute a dead spot, constitute the disappointments, the effect is equivalent to no longer valuable used car. Maybe got wind of OLED screen is power consumption less environmental protection product, but is not the case. OLE in image partial black screen when only 40% of the LCD power consumption; But when the image with a white set ( The Windows desktop, web, TV plays house MD) The power consumption, the OLD screen is normally three times. Still not the main stream of our new OLED TV mixed reviews. Although it is an opposite picture quality, OLED TV set is still can be widely used. Even participate in the research and development of SONY before the technology is not mature and only focus on LED LCD screen. Assumes that the family to enjoy a television as an everyday watch, will be cleaning the these precious species. Suppose there is specifically for the film and TV room, will not beyond 5 hours a day, OLED TV is worth considering.

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