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LED light received UVC, follow-up after single kinetic energy but period!

by:Tranch      2020-07-11
Receiving UVC light LED encapsulation bibcock holds epidemic prevention opportunity, LED, and therefore raising UVC LED components the quantity to 5 million, a series of disinfection and sterilization products delivery module factory. Previous Formosa plastics group, UV - LED business f machine install sterilization products, products sold, market expectations, light into relevant market, follow-up after single kinetic energy. New champions confirmed the severe pneumonia outbreak, the rising number of masks, alcohol prevention tools such as business opportunities, and a UVC LED related products have also been market attention. With supply chain, enhance people consciousness of epidemic prevention, also let the market pay close attention to the related application of expanding, receiving UVC LED light order recently, now will ship the quantity about 5 million UVC LED components to the module factory, from 2 mw / 10 mw / 30 mw strength is complete, the end product can be applied according to customer's design. Terminal product is roughly divided into three items, the first is sterilization boxes, draw out the design, will be in contact with dirt masks, the tableware of contact with the mouth, close to the nose and mouth electronic products, such as sterilization in a box, intensity of 500 uw * S/cm2, spend time about 15 seconds. Followed by portable disinfection products, strength of 120 uw * S/cm2, small volume, convenient to carry, suitable for office supplies of clean, finally the UVC disinfection flashlight products, strength is 140 uw * S/cm2, including the pacifier, maternal and child products, contact with dirt masks can apply, glasses, gloves, etc, about three to four hours battery life. Light never comment on order situation. Supply chain, said under the new crown pneumonia has intensified, the public demand for sterilization and disinfection products, will only grow, expected the UVC light LED components, listed on the terminal products in the near future production, follow-up after single kinetic energy. Legal person pointed out that the UVC is widely used in air disinfection purification, water sterilization ( Such as static water and water flow) And surface disinfection ( Such as water tank, fire water, humidifier, etc. ) Type and medical phototherapy application, is a niche market, higher gross margin, don't like to bargain the LED lighting market competition, so become a blue ocean field LED factory active layout. According to the photoelectric association for the advancement of science, technology and industry, points out that in accordance with the uv band, UVC ( Between 200 and 280 nm) Is a deep ultraviolet light, with a wavelength, a high energy, and the advantages of continuous adjustable light wavelength, in a short period of time through the radiation damage of microbial organism ( Pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and spores) Cells in the molecular structure and function of nucleic acid, kill microbial cells cannot regenerate, disinfection disinfection purposes.
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