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LED lamp bead used in outdoor lighting projection lamp?

by:Tranch      2020-07-12

the LED lights are widely used in lighting lighting, LED large screen display, traffic lights, decorative, computer, electronic toys gifts, switches, telephones, advertisement, city bright project, and many other areas of production. So today we are going to talk about the used in outdoor lighting projection lamp need to pay attention to what issues?

outdoor lighting is a very important part of urban development process, which is useful to the LED line lights, LED wall wash lights, LED lights, etc. This not only beautify the city, make the night scenery of the city more attractive, can also be very good improve the visibility of the city.

in the present life, we advocate of energy conservation and environmental protection, with its high efficiency and energy saving, green environmental protection, and many other advantages, is a lot of places are widely used. And in outdoor lighting design should pay attention to what issues?

1, when choosing LED diode, in addition to pay attention to the life of the lamp, color features and energy saving products, but also to the brands of lamps and lanterns, the material of products, as well as after-sales service and other aspects key points, in the process of lighting lighting design which is very important.

2, at the time of lighting project design, is to be able to use the LED lights in the night or other better reveal the landscape of the original style, add to the charm of landscape, and therefore have to know the landscape design, and want to express what behind design, the design of landscape lighting lighting to suit designers want to convey the idea, to create a more beautiful landscape.

3, a successful project design, is to let people can't, so lighting projects in basic lighting and accent lighting, according to the overall atmosphere to design, create a unique visual feast. In architectural landscape lighting design, can be taken with a pattern of LED lights to create atmosphere, with LED projection light projection goldfishes pattern, also can use water lines lamp to match, both foil each other, together, create the unique landscape lighting design!

small make up finally want to say: you want to create a more beautiful night, should be LED lamp bead and landscape perfect unifies in together, like this can firmly catch the attention of the passers-by, can also create unique designs city-lighting landscape. At night, the LED lamp bead light also do not break a beautiful scenery line!

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