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LED lamp bead up and install what advantage

by:Tranch      2020-05-29

general asked LED lamp beads in place, is the up and down or left and right sides, the following people and small make up to look at it.

general LED lamp bead are mounted with up and down when installation, of course, tilt installation. When installation from the objectively analysis and more better. General LED lamp bead installation method has the following several kinds of up and down.

the first installation LED diode up and down, it can reflect a similar square, the outline of the outline is small, of which the brightness in 1432.

the second installation LED diode up and down, it can reflect a similar to the outline of a rectangle, in terms of exposure area is large, lighting area is in commonly 2110 from top to bottom.

by the above said, your knowledge of LED diode up and install know clearly.

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