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LED lamp bead in the application of the ultra-thin panels

by:Tranch      2020-06-23

ultra-thin light sign is based on improving the utilization ratio of merchants place product, the product has the surface level off, without concave and convex carving mark, the characteristics of the luminous evenly without strings. So when choosing LED diode, is there any requirement?

this ultrathin luminous signs in LED lights, when the choice, can undertake choosing according to customer's requirement. Generally have the following options:

1. Generally the thickness of the ultra-thin light panels in the following 8 mm, and the area under 450 cm2, can choose the patch light-emitting module.

2。 Generally the thickness of the ultra-thin luminous signs in 8 mm - 10 mm between, and area of cm2 - in 500 Between 400 cm2, choice pixel tube light module.

3。 Generally the thickness of the ultra-thin light sign in more than 10 mm, can choose light emitting Angle within 30 degrees of luminous module.

more about different specifications of the ultra-thin luminous signs, LED diode to choose from.

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