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Led lamp bead failure discolored how to return a responsibility?

by:Tranch      2020-05-24

as product basic composition unit of the LED lamp bead, its quality directly affects the reliability of LED products. But some friend found in using the LED LED diode in & other; Color & throughout; And how does it work?

in fact, this is probably the encapsulation adhesive residue in the alien invaders, mostly the failure lamp bead appearance of local color were black. Unravel encapsulation adhesive, often found that there is a black foreign matter inclusion within the encapsulation adhesive. By scanning electron microscope and energy spectrometer for foreign body composition analysis, confirmed its principal component for aluminum ( Al) , carbon ( C) , oxygen ( O) Elements, but also contains a small amount of impurity elements, so the combination of user feedback failure background, the foreign body is introduced in the process of encapsulation.

there is the cause of the stent, the failure lamp bead on one side of the discoloration, uncovered the encapsulation adhesive can see color changing parts of the stent surface covered with a layer of a foreign body, tested elements of foreign body, its main component is tin, lead, due to the bracing of the foreign body covering parts are connected to the lamp bead on one side of the pin, the pin using tin-lead solder. It is obvious that if the lamp bead in the SMT, pin from the excess solder paste, so when welding molten solder will climb to along the pin connected with the stent surface, form layer, eventually lead to failure color , etc.

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