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LED lamp bead and heat-resistant performance improvement

by:Tranch      2020-06-28

LED diode flip chip, no packaging technology recently caused higher heat discussion in the LED industry, because the traditional LED lamp bead is in process in heat dissipation, light failure and other technical bottleneck. LED lamp bead flip chip, no packaging technology as early as 10 years ago, the study of foreign companies, to the LED lamp bead dispensing with plastic substrate, grain straight welding technology, not only can effectively reduce the packaging thermal resistance, and completely eliminated the LED lamp bead up chips on the surface, the disadvantages for the LED lamp bead light source resistance high temperature and prolonging the service life of the LED lamp bead. The industry generally believe that this is definitely a cutting-edge technology in the field of LED lamp bead encapsulation.

but the question is: why the LED lamp bead inversion technology can't replace the LED lamp bead chip technology and become the mainstream is hold? From: LED lamp bead inversion process is not only dependent on ceramic substrate, but also rely on aluminum ( Copper) Processing and shaping substrates, ceramic substrates and installation are simple and convenient than metal substrate, because of the ( Twice) After soldering to withstand 280 degrees high temperature, hard to avoid damage to material and components. Ceramic substrates compared with metal substrate reflection rate is not high, transient photosynthetic efficiency is difficult to improve, the thermal conductivity of ceramic substrate and chip contact area is finite limits its steady-state photosynthetic efficiency is difficult to improve. LED lamp bead inversion process twice before soldering and ceramic substrate + aluminum plate thermal resistance is enough to have advantage of offset. In addition, the LED lamp bead inversion process of bonding and reflow soldering equipment requirement is extremely high, unstable yield. From the end user's perspective, a good LED device should have a better lighting quality, higher lighting performance, lower cost and faster return on investment. Test the LED lamp bead inversion technology, the future or ( LM yuan) Value. In a sense, LED diode core technology is the packaging support r&d and manufacturing technology, it decides the LED lamp bead light source of the purpose, function and cost performance.

COB LED lamp bead encapsulation compared with single chip LED lamp bead encapsulation in light, heat, light distribution, cost, etc, show many advantages, has been more and more people think is LED lamp bead development direction in the future. At present the traditional COB LED lamp bead light source is with aluminum bracket ( Or copper) Substrate will FR4 fiberboard after pressing process as a whole. Domestic FR - Four and a half curing, coefficient of thermal conductivity is only 0. 3 / m - The best is only 2 K, imports. 0 / m - K or so, and coefficient of thermal conductivity of pure aluminum/m - 237 K, and one hundred times more so much heat consumption ratio, thermal resistance, is bound to increase system cause serious LED lamp bead light failure, reduce the service life, so people racking my brains trying to abolish aluminum board this layer insulation fibre, but has yet to find effective methods, such as some large companies design the so-called 'LMCOB stents' ( Dig hollow in aluminum substrate to remove copper and insulating layer) , but limited to equipment, gel, process and cost reasons, has not been popularized. Also, the current market popular so-called 'integrated light source' bracket, the plastic injection process will electrical plate embedded in PPA ( Or is currently promoting the EMC) Plastic, as a result of PPA in high temperature and under ultraviolet light yellow powder, cause air intake, product failure rate is very high, this kind of structure due to the plate electrode is higher than 1 chip. 5 mm, the fluorescent powder and gel dosage is very big, will not only increase the cost of packaging, colloid thickness will also affect the pervious to light, will be hardened cracked tensile gold thread. Now all COB LED lamp bead bracket without exception should be set up around the dam structure, to block the fluorescent mixed glue not make its spillover, due to the surface layer of rubber DAMS and white oil suction light, cannot achieve light mirror reflection of light, the above a variety of reasons will affect the intensity of light and heat transfer, this was the cause of traditional COB LED lamp bead light source transient and steady state of the main causes of photosynthetic efficiency is difficult to improve.

in the design of LED diode, the most common problem is how to choose the drive power supply, and actually LED lamp bead, failure or damage to the drive power is rather high in proportion to occupy, drive power supply reliability and life become a LED lamp bead lighting technology. But the COB LED lamp bead aluminum plate thermal separation encapsulation structure is used in most ( Chip dependend directly to the substrate) Should have been widely.

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