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LED lamp bead advantage than traditional light bulb can than

by:Tranch      2020-05-26

hello, today small make up and you said you use the LED diode have what advantage.

1。 Compared to traditional light bulb, it has faster response speed, delay will not happen when lit,

2. Have good seismic performance, not because the vibrations cause the LED diode damage.

3。 In terms of glowing effect is better, don't need a chimney to filter, and light wave length error within 10 nanometers.

4。 Light produced when heat is small, so is not very tall to the requirement of material heat resistance of lamps and lanterns.

5。 More concentrated light, no reflector concentrated, more convenient to control.

6。 Under the same luminous brightness, contrast to traditional light bulb, its power consumption is low, can save power consumption.

7。 No fever with no filament structure, long service life and to be able to use 6 years.

learn through the LED diode in use has the advantage of, whether you want to move, move, leave your contact information.

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