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Led lamp bead - 0603 - - - - - - How to prevent 'dead lamp' phenomenon?

by:Tranch      2020-06-24

we are in the production of LED diode, 0603 ) Process, always meet part of the lamp bead in strap test found that there was a, a string, a few lamps beads may not be the phenomenon of light, usually we call these lights & other; Die lamp & throughout; 。 “ Die lamp & throughout; There are a lot of reasons. , this period we can together have a look at what are the reasons cause & other; Die lamp & throughout; !

welding way using improper: our common welding process can be divided into electric welding, welding and heating platform reflow soldering welding, such as:

1) Electric welding is one of the most common, such as do sample, maintenance, the majority of manufacturers in order to save costs, to buy back the soldering iron is unqualified slightly more quality products, some bad earth, the condition of the leakage, as a result, this is in the process of welding in the leakage of the soldering iron tip - - - - - - - Are soldered leds - - - - - - - The human body - - - - - - - The earth to form a loop, that is equal to the dozens of times Hundreds of times the lamp bead on the voltage on the LED diode, moment to burn it. Here explain, electrostatic belt will be more serious, because when the body contact after electrostatic, to form a loop resistance smaller, through the body to the current of lamp bead will be bigger, this is clearly have a lot of people say with electrostatic belt or there are so many lights, damage of the problem.

2) Heating platform welding caused the death of the lamp, due to the sample list of lamps and lanterns, most of enterprises in order to meet the needs of small batch and single sample, the equipment cost is low, the structure and the advantages of simple operation, heating platform has become one of the best production tools, however, due to the use of the environment and welding operator proficiency in operating and welding speed control became a cause of death of the lamp is bigger problem, and the grounding of the equipment is heating platform.

3) Reflow soldering, general this kind of welding way is the most reliable mode of production, suitable for mass production and processing, but if the improper operation, it will cause more serious death light consequences, such as, the thermostat is not reasonable, the machine grounding etc.

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