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Lamps and lanterns, Led lamp beads the same type reaction colour discriminating cause analysis!

by:Tranch      2020-04-27

there are buyers to ask the same types of 0603 patch why my lamp led lamp bead bead can produce color is not consistent with the phenomenon? In fact this is mainly because the customer is not the same batch of goods to buy. Because the factory finish time will be 2 - in manufacturing 3 color piece and color temperature is different, will some of the color is red, and some of the color is more light phenomenon. To avoid this kind of question better way is to set up color temperature after sample customization. Today under the small make up with everyone about the reasons for different color temperature.

1。 Manufacturer is in manufacturing process, in order to meet the requirements of the customer requirements of different color temperature to increase the number of color piece.

2。 Each manufacturer also may have a difference on the same type. Because different vendors using light-emitting chip is different, so the color reproduction of color temperature will be different. On the colors may appear slightly different.

3。 Light emitting chip quality will affect the color temperature, the better quality light emitting chip, its color reduction, the better, color temperature is, the better.

in addition to the above said, the most main or cost, the cost of high and low determines the price of the led lamp bead after production. Welcome to contact us if you need to place an order.

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