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Lamp bead - 5 mm - - - - - - Lamp bead nine production process!

by:Tranch      2020-05-31

LED is now very popular a kind of lamps and lanterns, both industrial and household, leds are gradually into homes. Such a tiny LED what charm to get the favour of so much? In this issue, we will go to take a look at the LED diode, 5 mm lamp bead) Nine production process!

1, cleaning: first use ultrasonic cleaning PCB or LED bracket, after drying.

2, rack: in LED tube core electrode of silver at the bottom of the glue after expansion, the expansion of tube core in wafer stage, under the microscope with barbed crystal pen tube core is installed on one corresponding welding plate, PCB or LED bracket after sintering silver adhesive curing.

3, bonding, with aluminium wire or wire welding electrodes connected to the LED on the tube core, lead to current injection. LED directly installed on the PCB, generally USES aluminium wire welding machine.

4, encapsulation: by dispensing with epoxy to guard the LED tube core and weld line. Dispensing of colloid shape after curing have strict requirements, which is directly related to the back light source products out of the brightness.

5, welding: if the light source is the SMD - back Leds or other already packaged LED, before the assembly process, welding need to be LED to the PCB.

6, cutting film, with all kinds of punch die cutting back light diffusion film, reflective film.

7, assembly: according to the drawing requirements, will back light of various material manual installation place.

8, test: check back light photoelectric parameters, and the uniformity of light are in good condition.

9, packaging, finished product packaging, warehousing as required.

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