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IRM- The application of 56384

by:Tranch      2020-08-18
IRM- 56384 irm - 56384 is one of the infrared receiver head series, using the latest IC technology development and design of small infrared remote control system receiver. In the bracket with the PIN diode and preamplifier, epoxy resin into an infrared filter. Demodulation output signal can be made by the microprocessor decoding. Characteristics 1, 2, strong anti-jamming capability round lens structure can improve the capacity of 3 4, receive all kinds of carrier frequency, low voltage and low power consumption, resistance to environmental interference 5 6, integrated circuit of photoelectric diode 7, compatible with TTL and CMOS8, receiving distance 9, high sensitivity, 10, 11, the products comply with RoHS lead-free standards. Application 1, remote control light detection part 2, AV equipment including audio, TV, VCR, CD, MD, etc. 3, home appliances including air conditioning, fan, etc. 4, other wireless remote control equipment 5, 6, multimedia television set-top box equipment
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