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IR928- The characteristics and application of 6 c!

by:Tranch      2020-08-18
Infrared tube IR928 - 6 c is Taiwan everlight light electronic production of flat diode infrared transmitting tube is a high strength, shape a water clear plastic packaging. The micro side - - - - - - - Chip in the face of the devices, emits infrared light from the side. Characteristics of high reliability, high radiation intensity, lambda p = 940 nm wavelength ․, lead spacing 2. 54 mm, low forward voltage this product itself will ․ in accord with RoHS version. Peak wavelength of 940 nm, 2. 54 mm pin pitch, low positive electricity, reverse IR928 - 6 c: voltage 5 v, forward current: 50 mA, the operating temperature: - 25 ~ + 85 ℃, the storage temperature: - 40 ~ + 85 ℃, the micro encapsulation transistor, plastic packaging. Products through SGS environmental protection certification, conform to the requirements of the ROHS, IR928 - 6 and PT928 - 6 c matching, using the mouse, photoelectric switch, infrared application system, game consoles, coin-operated machines, remote control, all kinds of security equipment.
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