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Intelligent doorbell functions and applications

by:Tranch      2020-07-08
At present, with the rise of e-commerce, many people are turning to the e-commerce platform to buy, then the door delivery service has become commonplace. In practice, however, will encounter knocks on the door when someone's home or very late at home alone. Many times some girls alone at home will take into account the security problem generally all dare not to open the door, at this time for the traditional doorbell already cannot satisfy the actual use, so there are many smart doorbell products on the market, down to details about its function. 1. Video resolution, intelligent doorbell is equipped with 1920 x 1080 p resolution camera, a 156 - degree wide Angle lens, 940 nm infrared night-vision light, can see the overall visual Angle, infrared light, enhanced version after opening night lights are red, further enhance the concealment, single women specially designed mobile phone remote visual voice intercom function, can effectively hide your identity, to prevent some unidentified people. 2. Can detect shot, intelligent doorbell by ding zero MotionClips detection function, can through the camera automatically detects the door is unusual, through accurate identification records also can distinguish visitors, when a home is just there is no it visitors, by mobile phone APP can quickly and outside visitors remote video calls, if it is Courier can communicate directly. Humanoid recognition in the enhanced version upgrade for hardware algorithm, compared with the generation of the cloud detection, can effectively reduce leaking taps, wrong. 3. Cloud storage, from 48 hours of free, to 72 hours ( Loop) Free cloud storage duration, users can view more save video. And in terms of the video recording time, ding zero intelligent doorbell S upgraded to according to the length of the event, generation can only be fixed on time compared to record more humanization. 4. In order to solve the intelligent doorbell used under different scenarios, avoid false pat or disturb the neighbors, on the zero ding intelligent doorbell S enhanced version design adjustable monitor distance function, the third stranger or a neighbour will not her, there will be no wrong taps leakage happens, 100 degree big PIR detection point of view, as far as the detection distance can be up to 5 - 6 meters, the choice of providing far in the last three file detection distance, with a new generation of artificial intelligence chip, let AI humanoid recognition have a much better experience. 5. Life, carrying a key intelligent optimization design, the collocation of section 4 ding zero super battery, maximum range can be up to 6 months, even at 10 degrees below zero cold weather, also can use stable, battery designed for disposable batteries, of course, when there is a shortage of electricity, the user can be replaced by themselves. Upgraded the bell ding zero intelligence has a timing alarm function, can take care of the home children, older people, you are the one model is very humanization. 6. Security aspects, compared to before ascension also is very humanization, 72 hours of free circulation cloud storage, 1920 x 1080 p resolution camera, three adjustable detection distance, the forced demolition of alarm, and so on.
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