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In the high power LED lamp bead store what work needs to be done

by:Tranch      2020-05-04

high power LED lights, what need to pay attention to in the use and storage, below small make up take you to understand it.

1。 High power LED lamp bead before use, need to be placed under 30 ℃ / 90% RH or environment. After open the packing, it needs to be placed under 30 ℃ / 70% RH or environment.

2。 The use of high power LED diode deadline for 1 year, after opening the package need to be finished within 7 days of use.

3。 If some high power LED lamp bead appear fade or expired, need to use of drying oven, baking.

4。 In order to prevent the high power LED diode sticky dust, need to be a series of preventive measures.

by the above said, you when using and storing for high power LED lamp bead needs to be done is to understand.

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