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In the face of pressure light LED lighting prices is the secret of the eight words

by:Tranch      2020-08-02
Recently, the Taiwan LED assembly house light Ye Yinfu chairman said that at present sino-us trade friction of China brand or the manufacture of LED related components impact of imports, or negative influence on the formation LED lighting price again in the future. In recent years, the global LED lighting market has been dominated by production of the largest Chinese, if affected by a trade war, had lost the beautiful LED lighting production can't normal sales, a large number of low capacity may be outside the United States market, including making the already weak LED lighting products in the face of the bottom pressure again. At present, the light lighting parts delivery to the mainland, the mainland assembly plant to finished product delivery to the United States, so the light will be indirectly affected by tariffs. Has been down to 5-6% of the total light illumination, Ye Yinfu said that at present can't predict what will happen to the market, but the light will be 'the scarlet letter, black ship' coping, namely to meet the list price lower than competitive industry, and then through the manufacture and so on each link cost, with competitive price delivery to the customer at the same time, achieve profit goals. The light Mini LED the fourth quarter of this year will start shipment, Mini LED the early application of backlight products, lock area is the mobile phone and automotive markets. Besides, light the rest products in car market this year will increase obviously, interior lighting, car headlights, brake lights, etc. , will be its growth momentum. If there is demand, welcome to cooperate with light authorized agent - — Super yi electronics ( 18 years experience in sales agent) Contact.
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