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How to remove the SMD LED lamp bead?

by:Tranch      2020-05-03

a lot of people found it hard to removed the LED diode, in fact, we only need one tool can be very easy to tear open come down to it. The secret weapon is to - - - - - - Insulation, thermal insulation piece was meant to assist remove patch IC at the beginning, especially when the day is cold remove bottom with the cooling patch is very difficult to use. Part because the hot air gun to blow the heat generated by the dispersed by chip at the bottom of the heat sink, temperature rise is slow, it is not easy to tin, and the heat preservation plate made in the circuit board opposite auxiliary heating, can achieve the effect of get twice the result with half the effort, and practice also proved that this method can greatly improve the removal effect, remove can save half the time than normal.

before someone said that the heat preservation plate made removable LED diode, the beginning is not letter, because a insulation slices of only about 20 w power, the temperature will not be too high, may not tin, found by experiment, however, that is true, and the effect is surprisingly good. Structure is simple, and the auxiliary heater can abstain completely. Only need to put the insulation piece fixed on a board, and then use mica plate isolation, so remove the lamp bead is very convenient.

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