The company is a research and development, production and sales of LED packaging high-tech enterprises.

How many people in Tranch Optoelectronics Technology export department?
In Zhongshan Tranch Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd, the number of workers in the export sector is 20% of the total. We have developed export business for many years. All workers in the export sector are well experienced and trained. Multi-language support is also available. We will continue to grow exports.

Fully participated in the development of led beads industry, Tranch has been widely recognized for the R&D ability and production. Tranch has created a number of successful series, and led infrared is one of them. Tranch plant led is designed with a trendy and aesthetically-appealing look. Equipped with a LED RGB system, it's able to give various colors. Our full quality inspection throughout the whole manufacturing process greatly ensures that the product is 100% qualified in quality and performance. The product is not subject to yellowing.

By introducing advanced machines and technologies, we aims to be an excellent 265nm led manufacturer. Check it!
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