The company is a research and development, production and sales of LED packaging high-tech enterprises.

How about the OEM service flow?
Quality products are provided to our customers through the OEM services of Zhongshan Tranch Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. The understanding of customers' needs means we're constantly available to pay attention, bounce Ideas, and make new systems to provide you the advantage over the competition. Our OEM service may benefit you by reduced production costs in addition to a shorter Lead-time for product growth.

Tranch has long been committed to led lamp light research and development and production. Tranch has created a number of successful series, and rgb smd led is one of them. The product has never failed customers in terms of quality, performance, practicality, etc. This product is recyclable and reusable, generating no hazardous waste. The product finds its market place and has a high market share. Containing no harmful mercury material, it poses no threat to the environment.

Tranch adhere to the concept of leading led beads major markets. Check it!
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