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Highlighting the working principle of neon light!

by:Tranch      2020-04-22

highlight neon - - - - - - - Working principle of the neon exactly is what? Introduced by electrode, neon line, the lamp of the diameter of the tube was 6 & ndash; 20 mm. Luminous efficiency related to the pipe diameter. Such as: rated current transformer side of 0. 03, low voltage side 2. 05, neon transformer can be available for a diameter of 10 meters, a diameter of 6 & ndash; 10 mm tube length is 8 meters. Because of the thinner the tubes, pipe pressure is big, can supply the neon tube was shorter. When external power circuit connected, can produce a few kv transformer output or even tens of thousands of volts. When the high pressure to the neon tube on both ends of the electrodes, neon tubes inside the charged particles are accelerated in the high voltage electric field and flew to the electrode, can stimulate the electronic. These stimulated electronic, are accelerated in the high voltage electric field, and with the tubes in the gas atoms collide. When the electron collision free gas atomic energy is large enough, can make gas atomic ionization and positive ion and electron, which is gas ionization phenomena. The collision between charged particles with gas atoms, excess energy in the form of photons emitted, this completes the neon light light up the whole process.

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