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Highlighting neon test method. @ highlighting neon

by:Tranch      2020-04-22

1 highlighted neon import tensile strength: fixed neon: in the imported line direction, the derivation of the vertical static load 250 grams, and maintain a minute later,

2 highlighted neon import bending strength: fixed neon: bending 90 raises the import line direction & deg; Called YiShun, then return to the original position, and bending direction to interaction, end of the test.

3 highlight neon initial properties testing: under the usual indoor light, environmental temperature 15 20° , connections, using nearly sinusoidal frequency 50 hz ac point test.

4 highlighted neon life test: highlight neon connection electric circuit, with 50 hz sine wave voltage, voltage fluctuation range lighting process control 2%. Conducted current accelerated test, can use a nominal voltage of series resistance and life test evaluated using the method of series resistance than for three times.

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