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Full color LED lights a pearl - - - - - - - Light color calculation!

by:Tranch      2020-05-07

you know? Leds luminous color actually does not depend on WaiFeng plastic color, but related to the light-emitting semiconductor materials. Gallium arsenide is one of them, by gallium ( Ga) With arsenic ( AS) , p ( P) Compound made of diode, when electrons and holes composite can give off visible light. Phosphorus gallium arsenide diode red glow, gallium phosphide diode was glowing, silicon carbide diode yellow light. Commonly used high-power monochrome leds with red, green, blue light production most, there are green, yellow and so on.

ordinary monochrome leds luminous color is related to the wavelength of light, and the wavelength of light depends on manufacturing light-emitting diodes using semiconductor material. The wavelength of red light emitting diode is commonly 650 ~ 700 nm, the wavelength of amber leds shall generally be 630 ~ 650 nm, orange the wavelength light-emitting diodes (leds), as a general rule, be about 610 ~ 630 nm, yellow light emitting diode in general is about 585 nm wavelength, the wavelength of green light emitting diode is generally 555 ~ 570 nm. — — Full-color LED diode

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