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Full-color LED lamp bead, neon light resistance, neon factory, supply the neon light, neon bulb, neon processing 【 Full color LED lamp bead 】 colorful

by:Tranch      2020-05-07

【 Full color LED diode 】 Colorful, let you convert

full-color LED lights at http://www. szlinxin。 cn/lxjj. HTML is a new type of LED magic lantern, it is on the basis of colorful LED lights to increase the function of lighting in white light. Because it can provide professional lighting white light, can adjust at will the color and brightness of the lights again, also can be in the same hardware environment, through the software timing, entertaining diversions such as the intelligent function of all lamps and lanterns, lighting industry, also known as the lamp for & other; Smart full-color LED lights & throughout; 。

hot concern: double color LEDhttp: / / WWW. szlinxin。 cn/Products/257mmhhlss。 html

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