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From July onwards, certification documents should be provided for refitting LED lamps for automobiles in Taiwan.


Since July 1, last year, Taiwanese locomotives can legally refit LED headlights, as long as they meet the inspection standards of the supervision institute, they can be changed. However, after July 1 this year, the regulations are different. Certificate files are needed to register the changes.

According to Article 23 of the "Road Traffic Safety Rules" of the Ministry of Transportation of Taiwan, owners who refitted LED headlights before July 1, 2019, need not install certificates and unified invoices, only need the highway supervision authorities to detect the light type and brightness of the headlights, which conform to the inspection basis of headlights, can register the change of headlights.

However, after July 1, 2019, applicants for alteration of gas discharge headlamps (excluding halogen headlamps) will need a certificate file issued by the automobile factory for alteration. The headlights shall be equipped with lamps that have passed the safety examination of the vehicle type. The near-headlights shall also be equipped with devices that automatically adjust the vertical inclination angle, which shall be inspected by the highway supervision authorities. Only when the benchmark is qualified can the change registration be carried out. Therefore, if the change can not be processed before July 1, the subsequent application will become a lot of trouble.

As for the same test criteria, the low-light lamp should provide a clear cut-off line. If the detected LED lamp is asymmetric (Fig. 1), it should not exceed HV/H2 or HV/H3/H4 on the right side of the VV line (Fig. 2). For symmetric light (Fig. 3), the corresponding horizontal line must not exceed the H1H1 line.

                             Inspection Standard Chart of Supervision Institute

    The beam of the low-light lamp should be calibrated. The horizontal part of the light-dark cut-off line should be 10 cm below the HH line, while the asymmetric light pattern should be 10 cm below the HH line. However, if the calibration can not meet the requirements of low-light distribution, the horizontal direction can be 0.5 degrees (8.75 cm) and the vertical direction can be 0.2 degrees (3.5 cm).

Before the change, the owner must prepare a compulsory automobile liability insurance certificate with a validity period of more than 30 days, and the change fee is NT$200. After inspection, LED light will be added to the license. In the future, it is necessary to go to the light inspection supervision office for vehicle inspection.

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