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For light emitting diode will choose Lin hsin electronics

by:Tranch      2020-04-27

leds can say now is already a household name, enough to see the importance of it, as now the mainstream of the light source, purchase leds in the luminous flux, luminous efficiency, luminous intensity, intensity distribution, wavelength than before a lot better than incandescent bulbs.

shenzhen Lin hsin electronics is a dedicated light-emitting diode production research and development co. , LTD. , more than a decade, the company do SMT LED 0603080 5120 6 monochrome, two-color, RGB ( Full color) , side light patch LED series, as well as direct plug-in monochromatic light emitting diode, double color, RGB ( Full color) Series of products are exported to all over the country, it is because we have enough focus, so professional. And the company's product color variety, models complete, by the European Union and other ROHS” &ldquo,; 达到“ Environmental protection certification and IEC/EN62471 light biological safety certification. Widely used in digital products, home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, instrumentation, electronic toys, display, outdoor decoration, etc. , to provide clients with a full set of power indicator. ( For light emitting diode will choose Lin hsin electronics. )

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