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Encapsulation adhesive with foreign body on the influence of the LED lights, LED lamp bead

by:Tranch      2020-05-02

LED lamp bead quality for LED products have a direct impact, often happen in the real life of LED lamp bead failure becomes angry, cause of abnormal function of finished product. Because the LED bead color can reduce product color temperature drift, lumen and a light effect becomes poor situation, causing many LED diode manufacturers and users suffer from economic loss. Today told everyone by shenzhen Lin hsin electronic co. , LTD LED lamp beads discoloration caused by the failure under one of the reasons.

encapsulation adhesive residue of alien invaders LED lamp beads discoloration caused by failure. Failure of local color lamp bead appearance will appear black, uncovered the encapsulation adhesive can see there are black foreign matter inclusion within the encapsulation adhesive, by scanning electron microscopy (sem) and eds analysis of foreign body, can draw is it made of aluminum, carbon, oxygen and a small amount of magazines. Through some user feedback, know foreign body is mixed in the process of encapsulation.

as a result, in order to reduce the LED color bead failure situation, the foreign body in encapsulation adhesive should pay attention to don't mixed into it.

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