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Dynamic: hubei wuhan metro air conditioning use ultraviolet disinfection, complete LED energy-saving renovation Wu Ying highway tunnel

by:Tranch      2020-07-17
Wuhan metro ultraviolet disinfection device for the air conditioning to shoppers according to the Yangtze river daily reported recently, wuhan metro air conditioning in addition to the cleaning and disinfection, ultraviolet shoppers will, ensure car air is clean, the subway air-conditioning filter and equipment is clean, sanitizers. Reports suggest that in order to improve the work efficiency, independent research and development of a metro vehicle is a portable screen pack cleaning equipment, can be directly taken to clean the site. Remove the mesh as operating platform, by two workers with machines finish cleaning work before to bring air drying function, clean the screen with 84 disinfectant for shoppers. It is worth noting that the hybrid wind air conditioning cabin also has a set of ultraviolet disinfection equipment, outdoor fresh air into the mixing tank after wind, ultraviolet disinfection on them. Wu Ying high-speed finish phoenix, misty mountain tunnel LED energy-saving reform on the same day, in hubei province transportation hall huang huang management office announced Wu Ying high-speed phoenix close around tunnel, misty mountain tunnel hole LED energy-saving lighting renovation project completed. News, according to huang huang administration XiaDuan built nine tunnel, because the technology conditions, construction period inside the tunnel should be used in the old high pressure sodium lamp, not only high energy consumption, and the uneven brightness, maintenance is expensive. In late 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in', huang huang administration energy-saving reform, vigorously promote green tunnel to tunnel through three years will all the old high pressure sodium lamp replacement for the new LED lamps and lanterns, and building intelligent control system of the background. It is reported, MaWu high-speed day jingshan tunnel around the hole and the dabie mountain tunnel left hole ( Nearly 5 km) Energy-saving lighting renovation project has been put into use in 2019, successively, and this is going to be put into use Wu Ying high-speed phoenix close around tunnel and the misty mountain tunnel hole energy-saving lighting renovation project, huang huang management place governs road nearly half tunnel has to achieve green lighting. Design parameters, according to the tunnel after the use of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, auxiliary advanced on-demand lighting control method, can significantly reduce tunnel lighting electricity, achieve the goal of green management wisdom. Actual use data also proves that the energy saving has been completed the tunnel lighting transform energy consumption value by 50. 9%, and inside the tunnel light uniform softer, not only eliminate the visual blind area, improve the driving safety coefficient, also greatly reduces the operating costs.
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