The company is a research and development, production and sales of LED packaging high-tech enterprises.

Does Tranch Optoelectronics Technology make delivery on time?
Zhongshan Tranch Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd has a strict cooperation management system, which can guarantee the production of plant led on time. We have built our own factory with advanced manufacturing equipment to ensure an efficient manufacturing process. Thanks to reliable raw material suppliers, we can ensure the timely supply of quality products and the quality from the source.

As a technologically advanced company, Tranch has an advantage in quality. Tranch has created a number of successful series, and led infrared is one of them. The design of Tranch bicolor led red green achieves a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. It is often used as a bulb at home and in various industries. Our professionals have worked delicately to ensure the product is excellent in performance, functionality, etc. Made of optimized materials, it has a better heat dissipation capacity.

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