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Different types of LED lights

by:Tranch      2020-05-15

the LED light source a lot of categories, different LED lights, and LED lights used in the internal structure is also different. Small make up today said a common type of several kinds of LED lamp bead.

1。 Pin insertion type: this type of LED lamp bead for lamp bead here are two similar & other; Foot & throughout; Filaments, can directly to wear on the circuit board, so the name.

2。 Small power SMT type: this type of LED lamp bead are light-emitting diodes (leds) welding in the circuit board surface, rather than through the circuit board.

3。 High-power SMT type: this kind of type and small power surface-mount LED diode, just power and volume is larger, and on the fine structure, added a lens, can better the light together.

4。 Integrated encapsulation type: this type of LED diode is a lot of light bead chip packages on the same piece of plate made of.

above all, do you know about whether the common types of LED lights.

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